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Facts About CCRCs During COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 climate in Nebraska and across the country, you may have heard some misconceptions about senior living communities. Sadly, the media hasn’t portrayed the engaging, fulfilling lifestyle our residents experience around-the-clock at Grand Lodge. Behind closed doors, you’re sure to find there’s so much vibrancy and joy in senior living communities, despite the current health crisis our country is facing. We’re here to set the record straight, shed some light on the value senior living communities offer, and debunk some common myths.

Myth: It’s unsafe to live in a senior living community right now. 

Fact: Senior living communities like Grand Lodge have implemented many guardrails to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

At Grand Lodge, we take health and safety seriously. In fact, there are few places better equipped to handle viral outbreaks than senior living communities. Prior to every flu and cold season we examine and update our protocols based on conversations with local and state officials as well as following CDC guidelines. And we always make adjustments as the season goes on. For example, as a result of COVID-19 residents and staff are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing when visiting or interacting with other individuals and where social distancing is difficult to maintain, masks should be worn.

Myth: With activities canceled and visitation limited, seniors have nothing to do.

Elderly man playing chess while drinking a coffee

Fact: There is no shortage of activities, joy or fulfillment for older adults at Grand Lodge.

We haven’t canceled our usual calendar of events but we have adapted. We want residents to have a safe, active social life, so we do everything within our power to keep individuals engaged and socially stimulated.

Recently, we hosted a wine and cheese event to cheer on our Huskers! Residents and team members also enjoyed a safe but spooky Halloween celebration. Witches, skeletons and even Charlie’s Angels walked the halls of Grand Lodge sporting festive masks. No tricks were involved, but there were lots of sweet treats! Our pumpkin carving contest was an absolute hit – residents brought their visions to life using a classic pumpkin, paint, props, and even a few googly eyes. The front runners included a teddy bear pumpkin and a coronavirus-inspired toilet paper hoarder.

In addition to impromptu and organized events, residents can take a stroll around our beautiful community grounds, engage in mind-stimulating solo activities like puzzles, crosswords or card games, and take fitness classes with online workout videos. We’ve found that technology really comes in handy during these times. Team members are happy to set up Zoom calls or Skype sessions with family members or loved ones!

Myth: Seniors are lacking emotional, mental, physical and social fulfillment more than ever right now. 

Fact: Living in a senior living community actually provides more benefits than if a senior lived alone.

Living among other older adults is proven to help combat isolation and loneliness, something other seniors who live on their own may unfortunately experience during these trying times. In fact, living in a community like Grand Lodge offers more opportunities for support and socialization.

At Grand Lodge, our residents feel a sense of purpose and individuality. Older adults continue to pursue new skills, give back to the surrounding community and share talents with their peers. In fact, one of our more artistic residents had the gusto to lead a group of residents in a personalized painting class. The group brought the beauty of autumn indoors, creating quintessential fall scenes with vivid colors and unique painting techniques. It’s a beautiful thing to live in a community where inspiration flows freely and fulfillment is never hard to find.

Despite the current public health circumstances, interactions between Grand Lodge team members and residents still brings smiles and laughter. Plus, residents have the security of knowing they’re supported and cared for no matter what happens. Continuing care retirement communities provide many levels of care – independent living, assisted living or memory care. No matter the level of living, residents can feel at peace knowing more care is available, should they ever need it.

We hope learning the facts about CCRCs gives you a more positive perspective about senior living communities. If you ever have any questions about Grand Lodge or what our community is doing to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, please fill out the form on this page and a team member will reach out. We wish you the happiest, healthiest 2021!