seniors spending time outside in their independent living community

The Benefits of Moving to Independent Living Sooner

There is a common myth that many seniors believe when it comes to moving to an independent living community. That myth says that it’s better to stay in your home as long as you can and move only when you need health care. But talk to most seniors who’ve made the move, and they’ll tell you they wish they had done it  sooner.

That’s because moving to an independent living community when you’re still healthy and active allows you to build relationships with other residents and enjoy all the amenities the community has to offer. So what’s the best age to move into independent living? Well, there’s no one right answer for everyone, but let’s take a closer look at what you’re missing out on by waiting.

man trimming bushes in a senior living facility

Maintenance-free living

It’s true: A tidy yard and a clean house are rewarding. But for many seniors, it’s too much work – if they’re physically able to do it at all. But even if you can still do these chores, why waste time in retirement that could be spent on more rewarding things like hitting the links, exercising with friends or traveling? Trust us, you’ll never find yourself wishing you had more time during retirement to vacuum or rake leaves!

Choice of floor plans

When you start thinking about moving to independent living sooner you give yourself some wiggle room to wait for your perfect floor plan. And at Grand Lodge at the Preserve, that choice includes 14 different layouts that start with roomy one-bedroom, one-bathroom units and end at 1,800-plus-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bathroom dwellings with a den.

group of seniors in an exercise class at a retirement home

Fitness and wellness programs

Sure, keeping your yard mowed and your floors clean keeps you moving, but wouldn’t you rather get your exercise on a brisk walk with friends? Or maybe you’d prefer the no-impact workout swimming provides? Or perhaps you’d enjoy watching your favorite program or listening to that podcast on the treadmill or elliptical machine. Most independent living communities offer the full gamut of exercise options, knowing that keeping the blood pumping is a great way for seniors to stay healthy physically and stay sharp mentally.

Opportunities to build friendships

As we age, socializing with others can be a challenge. The natural opportunities that work provided are gone and if mobility is an issue, it can be tough getting out to see friends and family. But at an independent living community, these opportunities are both organic and planned – giving seniors ample circumstances to build new friendships and invest in existing ones. Most communities offer a common dining area where you can enjoy meals with other residents. Plus, activities like day trips, dances, social events and classes make it easy to connect with other seniors who share your interests.

Peace of mind

With maintenance taken care of, health care planned for and facilities built with the physical needs of seniors in mind, many residents find they’re more relaxed knowing that someone else is looking out for their well-being. But your family members will also benefit knowing you are safe and cared for. It may even make your interactions with them more enjoyable as both of you experience freedom from the stress and worry of aging.

Other services

Finally, there are a few more services offered by independent living communities that you may not have considered:


While you’re always free to keep and drive your own car, it’s nice to have the option of letting someone else drive every now and then.

Special Events

Nearly all independent living facilities offer social activities, special events, clubs and other opportunities to spend time with other residents. It’s actually one of the best things about moving to a retirement community while continuing to live independently.


Knowing that your residence is secure and that someone is available to ensure your safety and protect your property brings priceless peace of mind and relaxation.


Many senior living communities offer storage to help keep your residence uncluttered without having to get rid of family heirlooms or items you cherish.

Independent living in the heart of America

If you’ve been considering a move to an independent living community, check out everything Grand Lodge at the Preserve has to offer. You can learn more by filling out the brief contact form below. A representative will be in touch soon to discuss your plans and help you navigate this important decision.